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UNLV And Rapid Dose Therapeutics Conduct Novel Research to Evaluate Innovative Quickstrip™ Oral Thin Strips

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Las Vegas, Nevada and Burlington, Ontario – August 20, 2018 – University of Las Vegas (“UNLV”) and Rapid Dose Therapeutics Inc.(“RDT”) (CSE: DOSE), a Canadian bio-technology company focused on innovative drug delivery solutions, announced today that they have signed a research agreement related to RDT’s QuickStrip™ products. Under the scope of the research, RDT will provide UNLV with QuickStrip™ products for exclusive specialized testing to determine the comparative benefits between other dosage forms such as oral and injected of the same active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) on the behavior, bioavailability, and brain waves of subjects.

Assessment of Dose Strip Therapeutic Delivery on Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Electroencephalography and Behavioral Outcomes.

Route of administration is well known to dramatically affect the physiological and behavioral response to drugs. Drug delivery via injection and inhalation are known to permit rapid access to the nervous system allowing rapid onset of the therapeutic effects. However, these routes of administration are limited by their ease of use and social acceptability.

Under the direction of the Hines Group, including Dustin Hines, PhD., and Rochelle Hines, PhD., a team of researchers will conduct comparative studies using established protocols. They will critically evaluate whether the QuickStrip™ delivery system, developed in conjunction with McMaster University’s Adronov Research Group, improves the rapidity and functionality of therapeutics compared to standard routes of administration. This project will focus on a well-known compound employing three main areas of work: absorption, distribution, metabolism to assess the rapidity and safety of the delivery; electroencephalography (EEG) to assess the physiological effect on the nervous system; and behavioral outcomes to assess the impact on the functional output of the nervous system.

Dustin Hines is an expert in employing network and systems level assays in animal models of disease, including behavioral and electroencephalographic assessment. He is interested in inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the brain, including psychiatric disorders, brain injury, and Alzheimer’s.

Rochelle Hines is an expert in cell and molecular approaches to studying animal models of disease. She is interested in the development of the brain and focuses on disorders like autism spectrum, schizophrenia and developmental epilepsy, investigating the role that modulatory neurotransmitter systems play.

The RDT/UNLV project assesses QuickStrip™ delivery on absorption, distribution, metabolism, electroencephalography and behavioral outcomes as part of the Hines Group’s continuing research to advance therapies for diseases of the brain.

This research partnership highlights RDT’s persistent focus on innovation, research and development with a view to incorporating the latest technologies to revolutionize the way patients and consumers integrate drug delivery systems into their lives. RDT’s innovative QuickStrip™ is an easy-to-use, safe and effective oral fast-dissolving drug delivery system that provides accurate dosing and potency. With this technology, RDT intends to produce oral thin strips for medical markets across numerous therapeutic categories.

Mark Upsdell, CEO, states that “this scope of work undertaken along with the UNLV research team is an important factor in furthering our understanding and documenting how the route of administration affects physiological and behavioral responses to drugs and active ingredients. Where other delivery forms are limited by their ease of use, their social acceptability or psychological impairments, QuickStrip™ provides a safe, rapid deployment of the active ingredient, overcoming many of the current limitations on drug delivery.”

RDT and UNLV have committed to an ongoing research relationship to explore new avenues and new products aimed at helping improve patient outcomes.

About Rapid Dose Therapeutics
Rapid Dose Therapeutics, RDT, is a Canadian bio-technology company providing disruptive proprietary drug delivery technologies designed to improve patient outcomes. RDT provides product innovation, production, and consultation to the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cannabis industries. Our mission is to create novel, convenient, enhanced rapid delivery therapeutics to improve healthcare outcomes for patients. RDT wants to ensure that oral thin film strips are embraced by consumers everywhere as the safest, most effective delivery device for low dose, high impact drug, vitamin and personal use products.

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