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QuickStrip™ — a game changing drug delivery system.

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Providing innovative drug delivery technologies to enhance healthier lives.

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Rapid Dose Therapeutics test tubes being filled with a solution

Who we are

Rapid Dose Therapeutics is a Canadian pharma-technology company that brings drug delivery solutions to a new level. RDT provides product innovation, production, and consultation to the pharmaceutical and healthcare manufacturing industry. Learn more

Happy family representing the Rapid Dose Therapeutics family.

What we do

RDT offers a variety of products to improve patient outcomes and quality of life. We offer over-the-counter and pharmaceutical drug delivery solutions. Learn more

How we do it

QuickStrip™, an oral fast-dissolving drug delivery system, rapidly releases an expansive list of pharmaceuticals, micronized oils, and a host of over-the-counter medicines. Studies show QuickStrip™ delivery mimics blood concentrations over time to intravenous injection. Learn more