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RD Therapeutics and Rapid Dose Therapeutics Participate in the CEPI Global Pandemic Preparedness Summit and Support the #100DaysMission — the value of needle-free vaccination, such as the QuickStrip™, will be discussed.

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BURLINGTON, Ontario – March 8, 2022- Rapid Dose Therapeutics Corp. (“RDT” or the “Company”) (CSE: DOSE), a Canadian biotechnology company focused on health and wellness leveraging an innovative, proprietary oral delivery medication and nutraceutical platform, along with their UK and European partner RD Therapeutics, proudly supports the #100DaysMission.

As an invited guest, Ailene Thiel, CEO, RD Therapeutics is participating in the March 7 & 8 Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations’ (CEPI) Global Pandemic Preparedness Summit. The Summit is bringing together world leaders from governments, international agencies, science and academia, industry, philanthropy, and civil society to continue the valuable work being done to meet global unmet medical needs and mobilize critical resources needed for CEPI’s $3.5 billion pandemic plan to ensure a more equitable response for future pandemics.

Specifically, the Summit will explore how to respond to the next “Disease X” by making safe, effective vaccines (including needle-free solutions), therapeutics, and diagnostics within 100 days of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) identification of a new pathogen, and identifying how the world can boost its ability to scale up production of vaccines in the future.  The #100DaysMission has recognized the need to compress vaccine development timelines in an effort to save lives and trillions of dollars of economic damage.

Together, RD Therapeutics and Rapid Dose Therapeutics are committed to enabling equitable access to vaccines through the development of a temperature and humidity-stable, oral (i.e. needle-free) delivery platform (QuickStrip™) for vaccines. The QuickStrip vaccine platform is expected to decrease time to market and increases geographic reach by eliminating costly and logistically complicated cold-chain transportation and storage requirements while reducing healthcare costs associated with vaccination programs by removing the need for medical professional administration.

Ailene Thiel, CEO, RD Therapeutics, said:  “We are committed to enabling equitable access to vaccines. A very large part of the world is currently struggling to obtain and distribute needle-based therapies. Oral vaccination via the buccal or sublingual route can be achieved through self-administration, avoids the complex requirements for cold-chain storage and transportation, is non-invasive, and can be easily delivered to remote populations. As such, it is well positioned to address unmet medical needs in developing countries—a critical element in controlling or preventing a global pandemic.”

Mark Upsdell, CEO Rapid Dose Therapeutics, said: “Our QuickStrip technology is showing a great deal of promise in a number of critical health parameters including rapid onset and improved bioavailability. We are well into our business plans of marrying the technology of our strip with other already-existing pharmaceutical and vaccine products in an effort to eliminate many of the current barriers to global vaccination – needles, limited healthcare professional resources and cold chain. We are proud to be working with Ailene Thiel and her team as she introduces our technology to the world this week at the Pandemic Preparedness Summit.”

About RD Therapeutics

Driven by science, technology and clinical evidence, RD Therapeutics was formed by a multidisciplinary team of industry experts with global experience across the technologypharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. The company’s professional trajectory has taught it the importance of being at the forefront of research and technological advances in product development to bring to market a unique range of products that will help to create a society in which health and wellness as a way of life is within the reach of all.

About Rapid Dose Therapeutics Corp.

Rapid Dose Therapeutics is a Canadian biotechnology company focused on Health and Wellness is revolutionizing drug delivery through innovation. The Company’s flagship product QuickStrip™ is a thin, orally dissolvable film, that can be infused with an infinite list of active ingredients, including nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and vaccines, that are delivered quickly into the bloodstream, resulting in rapid onset of the active ingredient.

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